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The refrigerator is your kitchen centerpiece. It keeps all of your meats, dairy, and produce cold. When the refrigerator is broken you may end up throwing out spoiled food. Nobody wants to waste good food.

That is why dealing with refrigerator problems fast is important! For refrigerators you need a same-day service with experience in repairing refrigerators and freezers.

Luckily, local technicians offer refrigerator repair in Livermore and can be at your home on the same day you call. Repairmen are quick and efficient and will get your refrigerator or freezer up and running promptly to avoid losing any precious food.



Loud refrigerator noises are the primary reasons for service calls that appliance professionals receive than all other problems related to fridges or freezers. The most common causes are related to the fan motors of the condenser or the evaporator inside of the freezer. It helps if you can locate the noise before you call the repairmen. That will help them make sure to bring the right tools and parts to repair your appliance.


Certified repairmen will fix refrigerator leaks. The most common reason for a refrigerator leak is a broken water inlet valve or a problem with the door latch or its closure. Local technicians carry the required parts and tools to accomplish either job on the first visit!


When your refrigerator will not run, check the circuit breaker and make sure that it is plugged in. Other reasons that your refrigerator will not start are either a malfunctioning temperature control or the compressor overload relay is broken.


Why would you want an ice maker that does not make ice? Call a licensed repairman and they will come out and repair the problem. The most common issues broken water fill tubes or water inlet valves that are broken. Friendly technicians can fix this issue and if your ice maker has an odor, they can repair that problem too.


Too warm and too cold refrigerators are common problems. Broken air inlet dampers are a common reason for a warm refrigerator. A malfunctioning temperature control or problem with the thermistor can cause a refrigerator to run too cold. Service technicians carry the parts to repair both of these issues with both refrigerators and freezers on all major brands.


If the water inlet valve or dispenser actuators do not work right, your refrigerator water dispenser will not work. Although this is an uncommon problem, local repairmen carry the parts and tools and can fix this problem on Kenmore, Sears, GE, Whirlpool, Sub-Zero and other brands.


Door latch problems lead to spoiled food with temperature loss. When the door closure or latch is broken, you will see condensation problems and leaks. Well-trained technicians can quickly repair seals, hinges, and gaskets so that the door closes and opens correctly. They will also replace broken or burned out bulbs while they are at it.

Livermore Appliance Repair Pros is service that helps homeowners connect with local service contractors. All contractors are independent and Livermore Appliance Repair Pros does not warrant or guarantee any work performed. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to verify that the contractor they hire has the necessary license and insurance required for the work being performed. Local repairs performed by First Appliance Repair.